Pre-op Tomorrow

From James:

Shannon is feeling better. She hasn’t had a fever today. Nanna cared for all three kids while we went to church.

Erica graciously accompanied So Young and I to Reston Town Center after church to do a photo shoot. It was supposed to be a family photo but ended up being couple shots. Poor Erica endured a great deal of goofiness from us.

Bill and Laurie made us dinner today. I can smell it cooking in the oven right now…

Tomorrow morning, we are leaving at roughly 4 a.m. for Baltimore for another MRI, various other lab tests, and pre-operative paperwork (“consents,” as they call them).

The surgery will be on Tuesday. I probably won’t post here on Tuesday or Wednesday, so if you want to know what is going on, you can follow me on Twitter at @wjgage. I hope to figure that out on my phone before Tuesday. My Twitter account is locked down so that I have to accept any follower requests, so if you want to request to follow me, you may want to do it by Monday.

Note that we won’t really know much about the type of tumor for a couple of weeks.


3 Responses

  1. Glad you enjoyed your photo shoot…goofiness/laughter the best medicene. Glad Shannon is feeling better. Thinking of you all.
    Love Debby

  2. So glad to hear Shannon is doing better. I’ll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers, have a safe trip to Baltimore.

  3. So Young and James, I’ve always admired you two as individuals and as a married couple. You both possess such grace and strength. These blog entries show the world your love for each other and Christ. Praying for your whole family. You guys are the strongest people I know right now!

    p.s. So Young, you’re like one of the most hardocre women I know, you go girl 😉

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