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From James:

We arrived back from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. Thanks for all your help, prayers, and notes of support!

So Young is tired but feeling good. Five or so dissolving stitches and a shaved spot above her right ear are the only evidence of the biopsy. The preliminary diagnosis from the pathologist is that the tumor is a type of glioma called an astrocytoma, which doesn’t say anything about its relative benign-ness or malignancy. We won’t know that for a week or two.

There are four grades of astrocytoma: types 1 through 4. Type 1 is the most benign and occurs almost exclusively in children. Type 4 is the most malignant. We are hoping for a Type 2.

We will meet with a radiation oncologist soon to begin radiation, which the neurosurgeon says is the next step.

In the meantime, So Young is very tired, which is probably caused by fluid build-up in her brain. She slept all day on the day of the surgery, before she received any anesthesia, and she continues to be very sleepy. She has started taking steroids. The hope is that they will decrease the inflammation, which in turn will relieve the pressure and relieve that symptom. If that does not work, another surgery may be required to install a shunt that allows the fluid in her brain to flow better.

(There’s a more scientific explanation for it that our doctor provided. Wish he were here. It starts with, “Your brain is hollow and acts like a sink…”)

Some of So Young’s symptoms have worsened. She has more trouble walking. The physical therapist observed that she is swaying on her left side. I have also noticed that she stumbles more and walks slower. She feels that her vision is worsening. She is taking a raft of medications that require nothing short of a Ph.D. to administer, and they all have accompanying side effects.

So the waiting game continues. We ask for your continued prayers.

Kenji said something interesting yesterday while praying for us. “Our hope is in Christ. It isn’t in any doctor’s prognosis.” Amen. Our hope is in Christ.


6 Responses

  1. Will continue to keep So Young, you and the girls in my prayers. Lots of love.

  2. I’m happy she is back home, resting. I will continue to pray for her. Thank you so much for the updates. A big hug to So Young while she recovers from her biopsy.

  3. I am very glad to hear that she is home and resting. You guys are in my prayers constantly.

  4. Dear James and So Young,

    How kind of you, So Young, to share the “Greatest Gift Ever Given” while you face your trials. Many are praying for you in different areas of the world. We love you, So YOung and James and continue praying for you, Shannon, Lindsey, Audrey, Doris, and Mark. Thank you for begining this blog so that we may keep abreast of all that is going on and that we may pray specific prayers.
    Cynthia, Richard, Christina, Elizabeth, Bella, Joshua (Thing 1) and Joshua (Thing 2)

  5. Our prayers will continue “Our Hope is in Christ also” The Davis’s from Wilmington, NC

  6. Once again, you humble me. Instead of lying still and allowing yourself to grieve, or to weep, or to lash out and be angry (and you have every right to be angry) or confused (ditto)… give us a gift. You minister to our needs.

    That amazes me.

    Love you Rubes. Love also to James and the girls (hi James and the girls!)

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