Radiation Oncologist on Wednesday

From James:

We are visiting the radiation oncologist at Johns Hopkins on Wednesday morning. (We will also be following up with the brain surgeon and possibly meeting with a medical oncologist.) The radiation oncologist is responsible for determining the course of treatment for So Young with regard to radiation therapy. The brain surgeon said that the radiation oncologist is going to be the “quarterback” from now on. The reason we are pursuing radiation is that astrocytomas (whatever the grade) usually respond better to radiation than anything else, and since the preliminary hunch is that it is an astrocytoma, we’re moving ahead with radiation. Any further surgery is really on the back burner right now due to the location of the tumor and the accompanying risks.

So Young asked that I thank all of you for your comments on this blog, your e-mail messages, and the time you spend in person. We are delighted to hear from family, old friends, family friends, endurance athlete friends, and many others (all friends!). Some people say God doesn’t exist, but you guys make it clear that He does based on the love you’ve showered on us through this site and in other ways. (Also, So Young really wants to post on the MCM message board about the cookies but hasn’t yet. She is very, very happy about those. Maybe somebody can pass that along…) So Young can’t easily respond to all of you for various reasons — mostly because she is sleeping a lot and using the computer is laborious — but I read all comments and messages to her and she derives great joy from hearing them.

Pray for Lindsay, as she is having a very hard time with things. We haven’t figured out how to respond yet, although I think we know by now that being sick doesn’t instantly make your kids angelic, just as it doesn’t make your marriage perfect (go figure). Also, there is a lot for the kids to adjust to right now. Nevertheless, we have the greatest support system a family could possibly have, so for that we are grateful.


3 Responses

  1. All us marathoners are thinking of you & your family & sending up our prayers.

    • From So Young:

      Dear Staving Off Decrepitude/Lee,

      Imagine my surprise coming home one day last week — I think it was the day of the biopsy — to find a box of your delectable homemade chocolate chip cookies. I was honored that it was my turn to munch on them… finally. I’d heard for years of others receiving them, but never actually thought I’d get any. Having a brain tumor hasn’t been all bad. Sure I have my moments in a heap of despairing mess, but what I’ve gained. An understanding of God’s love and care through the human heart is mind numbing. I am nestled in upon nestled into communities of genuine love, just like the ingredients of a cookie are folded into each other.

      Thank you, Lee, for blessing me and my family with your COOKIES! Never, EVER underestimate the power and beauty baked into morsels of choco chips, butter, and flour. Your cookies most importantly said to me, “I’m thinking of you. I’m with you in this!” I’m so grateful. Make sure you wear your blue mohawk, because that thing is beautiful.


      Ruby (a.k.a. So Young)

  2. Dear So Young,

    What a powerful testimony; thank you for sharing in such a passionate and loving way. If I were not already a sold out lover of Christ, your words would surely have drawn me into a conversation to get to know Him. I am a fellow Bible student with your lovely mother-in-law, who has spoken so often of her family that I feel as if I already know you all.

    Please be assured that my prayers are with you and with your family as you go through this journey. As a breast cancer survivor, I know personally the value of prayer. It is what sustained me as I went through radiation in 2009. My testimony at that time was my thanksgiving for the indescribable sense of peace the Lord gave me in the face of battling cancer. What a gracious and loving God we serve!

    May God continue to bless you daily with His peace, love, and healing.

    In His Love,

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