Getting Moving Again

From So Young (dictated to James):

I did a brisk walk/run today for a mile on the treadmill, which made me feel great. This was the first time since the diagnosis on November 12. Thank you to everyone who  has offered to run with me. I should be able to once I am more steady on my feet. I really look forward to it.

Today I was reminded of why I am a runner who has trained over the last few years.  I haven’t even come to the start line yet.  I suppose the start line is when radiation begins. I feel like I’ve already hit the wall. But it is the strength of my friends that is keeping my upright and pulling forward.

I used to see people at races in wheelchairs, “running” the way they could, with hand cranks. They inspire me, because even though circumstances in life took away their ability to walk and run, they are putting forth effort to run the race with the strength God has given them.

I think, “Yeah, I may have something wrong with me, but I’m not going to let it knock me down.” One thing God has taught me is that “perseverance produces character, and character hope.” Running with a goal and with people cheering me on makes me feel alive and happy to be alive. So as I approach the start line with radiation on Friday, I don’t know what to expect, but I know it is going to be hard and I know God is going to be beside me. I look forward to running this race with many of you, like Charlotte and her yellow pom-poms and Lee and her blue mohawk. In addition to my marathon buddies, other runners will include ultra-runners, streakers, triatheletes, etc. This will not be a lonely race.


9 Responses

  1. We are with you. You think like a winner.

  2. Just say the word…I can be there in 35 minutes and we can run wherever you like. If you need a hand to guide you just let me know when you are ready, I’ll be waiting. Thinking of you all.

  3. Thank you, my sweet niece. I ran for years, but stopped running regularly years ago. You are an encouraging voice and I did go this morning so that I may prepare myself to run with you when I visit. You are like the Olympic runner, but the torch which you carry is the light of Jesus Christ.

    • Love this. Thanks Cynthia.

  4. I promise, I will NEVER streak you.

  5. You should be able hear us cheering for you as if we were all waving yellow pom-poms just after you have beat the bridge…and I’m with The Firecat…no streaking, but we’ll be cheering like mad. Remember your training – breathe, pace yourself, and put one foot in front of the other. That is the most wonderful thing I’ve learned in my marathon training – it applies to almost everything in life. You are more prepared to face this because of your previous efforts and pursuits. Good luck, push hard, keep going, and remember we are all pulling for you!
    <3, Bec, one of your virtual running buddies. We'll meet some day and it will be such a joyful race!

  6. You have started you started a long time ago one foot in front of the other, as Becky stated “Good luck, and remember we are all pulling for you” and the wall, well we all run right through it sometimes easier than others but we make it through!

  7. Girl, we’re with you cheering all the way!!! Congrats on your first mile, that’s how we all start again after we’ve been sidelined. Reading that made me cheer out loud this morning!!!

  8. Ruby “So Young” I will run with you whenever the time is right. I am excited to here that this thing is not keeping you down but when the day eventually comes that you need a rest day take and just relax and soak in a hot tub and remember that rest days are important to let the muscles heal. I am a firm believer that you are well prepared to handle the training.

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