“Bring It!”

From James:

Radiation began today. We left the house at roughly 2 p.m. (to run a couple of errands, granted), hit 95 by 2:30 p.m., and when it all was done, arrived home shortly after 9 p.m. It’s worth it, however, because this is probably going to be So Young’s only treatment. It has to be done by the best, because it’s her life and she deserves the best.

The radiation treatment itself lasted 20 minutes, but we did a lot of waiting. And we will continue to wait, as we are waiting for the radiation to do its work, and we are waiting, whether or not radiation “works,” for God to do his work. There are a lot of faith-filled people praying for us, so we figure He is bound to listen. Meanwhile, we wait. Call it The Waiting Room, in which we all find ourselves at one time or another in life.

Speaking of which, here is a picture of us sitting in the waiting room at JH. So Young said she wanted it to be a “bring it” picture, like she’s saying, “Bring it on!” I don’t know that it quite conveys that idea, but FYI, that’s what she’s thinking in the picture.

So Young said she didn’t feel anything during the treatment. It just smells bad, like something burning, and it makes “radiation beam noises,” and they tell you not to move, so of course you feel like moving and are afraid you are, but you can’t because your head is bolted to the table. We left very positive and upbeat, hoping that just some small change in the tumor’s size might restore her vision.

On a side note, the Tumor Board met again about our case, which makes us feel kind of important, because a bunch of well-educated adults are sitting there paying attention to us and caring for us behind our backs, making important decisions/recommendations. They agreed, once again, not to operate, saying that it is too large, too risky, and we need to give radiation a chance. This is actually encouraging news, because I continue to second-guess whether we should have operated right away, given the size.

People at Ambassador Bible Church continue to pray for us, and some are also fasting. We love you guys! You are the best family we could have ever asked for.


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  1. Okay so I have been real busy with some stuff over here on this side of the world. The news will provide some clarity as to what I speak of. North and South are not getting along now and I have been playing a bit. Those who don’t know I am a Marine stationed in Japan.

    My dad came down with some cancer all through his face and in his throat a few years back. He did some radiation treatment daily for a about 6 weeks and is now totally fine. I know it can work and while your situation is different I have faith.

    My prayer today is not that God will change you for the situation so that you can continue the journey and life laid out before you. So Young I am still praying for you and the family. Thanks for being a beacon of light in such a dark world!

    • Jimmy,

      So Young is happy to hear from you and said it makes her hopeful.


  2. Your neighbors and ABC are amazingly kind and thoughtful. We had another wonderful dinner tonight. I think that the girls are well as they ate everything right up. Thanks Anne.

    We wait with you. Although time seems to be passing by quickly.


  3. So Young and James,

    You both continue to amaze me with your strength. The Lord is answering many prayers for you all. You absolutely have the best doctors in the world and we will continue to pray for your strength as you trek to Johns Hopkins each day. I haven’t run in years but I will start running this week in honor of So Young and I will pray for her as I do it. I’ll have to start slow with like 1 mile, but I’ll try to build consistently like I used to teach my athletes and maybe we can run the Marine Corp marathon together in the spring! Be encouraged my friends. You two are truly inspirational.

  4. Hi So Young and James,
    Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for this blog, I read it often and praying for your family daily and any and everytime I think of you-which is very often.
    Love ya guys! Sandy

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