A Great Start to the New Year

From James:

“Your mother has a brain tumor and oh by the way your birthday party is canceled.”

That’s a brief summary of how Shannon was told about So Young’s condition. Unfortunately, November 12 was both the day of So Young’s diagnosis and the day of Shannon’s 12th birthday party. Well, we eventually rescheduled it for yesterday night. Then Shannon got sick, so we canceled it again. Poor kid. She can be pretty dramatic when she’s upset, but this time I sympathized. We are determined to reschedule it as soon as we can. We also canceled the family get-together (more on that later).

But there were lots of bright spots over the past couple of days. On Thursday night, Grace came over and slaved in our kitchen for hours to cook a traditional Korean soup that So Young makes every New Year’s. She knew So Young always makes it. She also knew that me or one of the kids helping So Young make it would end up tasting like — well, a soup made by a blind lady, a couple of kids, and a dude who can’t cook. (That’s an exaggeration, actually. So Young still has “the touch,” and the girls are quite the accomplished cooks in their own right.)

On Friday morning, Jin took So Young out for breakfast and shopping. While they were gone, Elisa brought a care package that she, Valentina, Heather, and others in their small group put together for us. The kids were delighted. Notes of encouragement (with a sense of humor, which we love), some great verses, sweets, games, and most importantly of all, 15 Peanuts books that the girls got to fight over, lovingly donated from Heather’s vast collection. So Young was very encouraged when she got home. Below is a picture of Lindsay enjoying one of the gifts while Audrey watches in misery, awaiting her turn.

Enjoying the Gift

What it means to be loved by the church used to be an abstraction to me.

So Me called and spontaneously volunteered to host the family get-together, which was very gracious given that she had a baby 3 weeks ago. So Young went, but the rest of us were banished. Josh and family and Paul and Olivia swung by our house afterward anyway. Last night, So Young told me how she felt so loved by her big brother Josh, who has shown much care and concern for her. Later on, Paul watched the girls while they played in complete chaos and So Young and I went out for a bit.

All in all, a great start to the new year.


5 Responses

  1. You all deserve to be loved and cared for. May the New Year bring good tidings, joy, and peace to you. You continue to be in my heart and prayers.
    P.S. So Young, when you are ready, I’ll come down one Saturday morning and we will go for a run together…we will support each other as we run…I’ll be your eyes as necessary and you will be my motivation and inspiration…lots of love, just say the word, and I promise I will be there. You have my number.

    • That sounds like a great plan! Happy new year! I will definitely start again. I’m looking forward to it and will call you.


      So Young

      • Great…I too am really, really looking foward to running with you. Just give me a shout. Lots of love Ruby Girl!

  2. I think that Shannon has grown quickly through all of these events. She focuses on her homework and friends. Most of her friends have been wonderful to her.

    The love and care that your friends show you teach me how to demonstrate my love for others. I’m still learning!

  3. Yesterday, we had the birthday party and it was really fun.

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