We Registered!

From James:

So Young and I have signed up for the Marine Corps Historic Half (MCHH), which will take place on May 15. So Young has run every MCHH since the inaugural race four years ago. I have never run one of them. It is 13.1 miles. The longest distance I have ever run was roughly 12 miles, and I was limping for days afterward. For that reason, I am hoping that we run/walk, but especially walk.

So Young is excited to run it. Being inactive is very much against who So Young is as a person. The tumor, the medication, and the radiation have forced her to reduce her physical activity since mid-November. She has run a few times on the treadmill so far, most recently 2 miles this morning. I have to tell you, if I get a cold or feel a mysterious ache, I stop running, but you can’t stop her. She is one tough lady.

Training starts on February 21. A big part of the purpose of this race is for So Young to focus on something farther out in the future, beyond today and beyond radiation treatment. We don’t know if it will be possible for her to run the race, because we don’t know how she will react to radiation as it progresses or what will happen with the tumor. The side effects of radiation last for months and even years, and you become more tired as time progresses. Nevertheless, it takes the focus off today and says that months out, she is going to once again accomplish something amazing.

Meanwhile, for the next two weeks, my workplace is bringing dinner for us. Laura provided dinner on Sunday, and Steve tonight. These gestures are not nearly the whole extent of my coworkers’ generosity and care for us, and we are truly grateful.


10 Responses

  1. I will be running/walking along with you as I am sure many others will be. Thinking of you all.

  2. Awesome, guys!!!! If nothing else, you’ll walk it! The distance is the same!!! I wish I could be there in May, but hopefully Ruby will be at the MCM and doing the full! That’s what I’m hoping for her. And James, you’re one heck of a husband!

  3. I know that So Young benefits today from her life time of spiritual and physical training.

    I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way at least from a distance.

    I know that with God’s help you can do all things.

  4. We will be cheering you every step of the way from NC, hope to see ya’ll sometime up at the MCM.

  5. SO COOL! I wish I could be there to run with you guys. You can do this! We will cheer you from Germany!!!

  6. I will be there with bells on. You’ll be ahead of me, as usual. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you!

  7. hey guys. You guys are my inspiration and i just signed up too.

    • Cool! Make sure you especially concentrate on your walking training. That way you can keep up with me.

  8. I’m a bit late here, but that is awesome! I’ll be there, either running or cheering & holding up a big sign for So Young.

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