From James:

How did Shannon’s sleepover go last Friday (January 7)?

It was an exercise in extreme middle schooler decadence. In case you aren’t familiar with extreme middle schooler decadence, it involves the excessive consumption of sugar and caffeine, excessive inhalation of helium from balloons (which I thought I was buying because they were pretty), excessive watching of “chick flicks,” extreme sleep deprivation, and extreme messiness. For some reason, this time they left out extreme noisy-ness, which is normally included. Thankfully, the decadence was contained in the basement.

When I surveyed the aftermath, I discovered that the floor was literally carpeted with candy wrappers. They even slept on candy wrappers. I found a drink that consisted of punch sprinkled with popcorn and laced with Hershey Rolos.

How is So Young doing?

She has lost a lot of hair because of the radiation and feels bloated because of the medication. (Steroids cause a lot of water retention.) Besides the tiredness, those are the two side effects that are bothering her the most right now. The hair loss was traumatic. So Young couldn’t see that she was losing hair, until one night she noticed significant bald spots on both sides of her head. Nevertheless, her hair covers them nicely at the moment.

Her vision is terrible. She has very bad light sensitivity (meaning normal lighting feels very bright to her), which is why you might see her with sunglasses indoors. Flourescent light is particularly bothersome. In terms of her actual eyesight, she can’t tell if her vision is getting worse, but she knows that it is very bad.

The good news is that So Young is adjusting to her disability. On Sunday, she made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the family, with some assistance. She also made chicken soup for Dad, because he has been very sick for a while. She is on an organizing binge. She thinks she is doing this because it enables her to be more in control of things. It also helps her better know where things are around the house.

How is everything else going?

Great! Some of the biggest blessings include the people who have signed up to drive So Young, the dinners we are receiving (still coming since mid-November), and my mom’s constant care and help.

People have signed up to drive So Young every day until her treatment is complete. All slots are filled. I hoped that our friends and church family would help out, but I had no idea they would do so to this extent. Some people have even taken vacation time from work to drive, and everybody has adjusted their personal lives significantly to help out. What an incredible demonstration of God’s love.

What I have mentioned on the blog is just part of it. Some day I want to write a blog entry listing all of the things people have done for us. It will be a long blog entry.

How are you doing? Are you taking care of yourself?

Of course. (Cough, cough.) No, but seriously, I feel a lot better, and yes, I know, I need to get a different doctor. I’m actually meeting with him today.


6 Responses

  1. James, I’m glad to hear you’re interviewing another doctor, this whole thing with you just wasn’t right. I’m sorry to hear Ruby is losing her hair and it’s traumatic for women. But, it WILL grow back even more luxuriant than it is. I’m happy to hear all the positive things that are happening to your family, this is an example of good things happen to good people.

    • Hi, Charlotte! I saw the other doctor, and he is great, so I’m very pleased. In fact, he is a marathoner and has run the MCM! I hope all’s well with you. — James

  2. Still consistently remembering you guys. Hang in there and continue to amaze us all with your resolve!


    • Jimmy: We just saw your post come up. I assume you just posted it and bet it is in the morning in Japan or something. It’s 10:41 p.m. here. Thank you for your continued encouragement as we run the race. — James

  3. Ah, little girls. They bring me such joy…and work! I just love hearing about them.

    So Young continues to look beautiful. Wouldn’t it be interesting if her hair came back curly, or brown? I have always loved her straight black hair, but it would be interesting.

    I agree that changing doctors is the correct thing to do.

    See you soon.

    With prayers,


  4. Hi! I’m joyfully reporting that your dad and I have learned many new things through this experience. Your posts encourage, and teach us. Mom

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