Scrambling to Get SY to JH

We stayed in Baltimore last night, and looking at the snow outside our hotel window, it is a good thing we did.

Getting So Young here yesterday was no small feat. School was canceled, so Laurie and Ann couldn’t drive. Dad would have driven, but he had an important meeting to attend. I had to go to work. Mom had to watch the kids.

I was just about ready to take a last-minute day off when Ellen called to save the day. She and Michael rushed to our house and got So Young to her appointment on time. They also took So Young to the hotel afterward, when I made a change of plans and left work early for Baltimore to beat the oncoming storm. Ellen reserved the room with her credit card since my online reservation didn’t go through. I later switched the reservation to my card, but how many people would stick their necks out like that?

All of that is to say that a lot of people sacrificed (or were willing to sacrifice) a lot for us on a day of overlapping crises. Once again, “thank you” seems inadequate.


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  1. James & So Young,

    While I only ‘know’ So Young via a running bulletin board, I feel greatly for you and your Extended Family. And by Extended Family I mean all of those who care about you.

    I would respectfully submit, though, that the name “So Young” should be changed to “So Blessed” because you truly are as evidenced in every post and every countless time your Extended Family does something for you or helps others so they can help you.

    Praying for you,


  2. I’m so glad you all stayed in Baltimore and like Andrew posted I too am so grateful you have such such amazing friends and family. I thought about you all, during the height of the storm and having to go to JH – wondering if you made it back in time. I fretted about my daughter as she spent 11 hours driving from Ashburn to Gainesville last night leaving work at 4:30 pm and not arriving to her home in Gainesville which is normally a 45 minute drive until 3:30 am. She got stuck and no one stopped to help her as it took an hour for her to get herself “unstuck” while her neurotic mother (that would be me) was calling her every 30 minutes. I guess I need a reminder that God is good and there are still wonderful and kind loving people out there willing to do anything to help. Thinking of you my friends and thanks for the reminder.

  3. “Sweet are the uses of adversity”…. I really like that new name, So Young. “So Blessed”.
    Michael & I have been reading in Genesis about God giving Jacob a name (“Man of God”: Israel”) after they wrestle all night by the fords of Jabbok & the guy is just unwilling to let go. (Gen 32:22 ff).

    God is responsible for the safe trip Wednesday & it was a challenge, but besides our concern for you guys, one reason we were not intimidated was that we have spent the 5 previous winters driving on crappy roads in Michigan.

    The reason we were available is because we are STILL unemployed, an aberration for a physician & an engineer with work ethics so rigid that God has seen fit to have us in some sort of extended “time out”. I am hoping to start work Monday, rendering psychiatric consultations for a group of psychologists who market “bundled” services to nursing homes & rehab facilities, to help solve behavioral issues involving residents (note, I do not say that it is always just the individual who needs treating…. sometimes it is good to analyze the situation around the times of malfunction… I like this model). Michael is waiting on what we are fantasizing is permission from the “Old Country” to be hired on in a 500 year old firm.

    God takes his Sweet time….

    So Young, we were so weary after just one trip. We laid around all evening moaning about OUR headaches….

    We marvel at your love for your family & your obedience to your Lord & your strength & endurance that has kept you going back to Johns Hopkins 5 days a week, every week. Marathoning was the perfect prep for you & James.

    Read the Psalm of Moses, the Man of God, to each other… Psalm 90. It will be intense. But healing.

    Maybe consider teaching singing the version of “O God Our Help in Ages Past” to your kids. It will do a lot.


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