Hopeful Signs

From James:

On Saturday morning, So Young reported that she saw a “clear spot” in one of her eyes, a possible sign that the tumor is retreating. We promptly watched a movie at the theater that afternoon, while her brother Paul watched the girls. Yesterday, however, it returned to the way it was before. She compares it to “looking through fogged up glasses” all the time. Still, we expect the next few months to be a time of constant change with regard to her condition, as her body fights to regain ground.

Yesterday, So Young took her first run/walk outside since her vision loss became severe months ago. Actually, it was more of a “run/walk/trip,” as she says. I acted as her guide, a new role for me. Many times during races, we have seen blind runners — often young war veterans — running tethered to a sighted runner. They don’t generally hold hands, but that was our method. Before a curb, crack, or hole in the road, I would grab her hand and say “3-2-1 crack!” or what have you. She could sometimes see the obstacles and sometimes not. Once she told me that she could see most of the cracks. I stopped calling them out, and she promptly tripped. She didn’t hit the ground, and that was her only stumble in three miles.

We ran at twilight. I could see OK, but things are darker to her eyes.

“Most people wouldn’t run if they knew how dark it is for me,” she said. “But I’m stubborn. Full of pride.”

I told her that’s not pride. That’s perseverance.


10 Responses

  1. You are a great team!

  2. Awesome job Team Gage. Looking forward to running with you (or behind you) in the near future :o)

  3. run on So Young!!!

  4. Have always been with you in spirit and prayer if not in my poor correspondence skills.
    The good Lord will always be with you and have your hand through this journey.
    Hope to run with you in May !
    In his name.

  5. I met a blind runner at the Boston Marathon expo many years ago who was trying out rollerblades. Even though I could see where I was going, I was an accident in the making while his heightened sense of non-visual sight allowed him to cruise around like an Olymppic skater. It seems like the Team Gage version of rock ,paper,scissors(curb, crack, hole in the road) is developing your non visual awareness which can only enhance the visual when it returns.
    Your Valentines Day story of Pride/Stubborness/Perseverance is an inspiration to a slacker like me.

  6. I’m glad you guys got to go out to watch a movie and that So Young’s vision seems to be getting better. This is great news! We will continue to pray for So Young. Don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything you all need. Love you all.

  7. I have read part 3 of how it started. I could not read it without tears and pang of my heart, how hard it was for you two, and then how you all are victoriously winning by making(and choose to think)the best of it! I am praying for you daily, and looks like so many people are, too, so, how can you go wrong?
    Grandma’s service went so beautifully, so many people said it was the most beautiful and meaningful service they ever attended. I gave each Somi and Paul a DVD, and I don’t know if you would like one. If you do, I will mail it to you.
    Do you mind if I forward this blog to Uncle Grant’s side of family so they can pray for you? Let me know.

    With love, Grace

    • Aunt Grace — Thanks so much for praying for us. We would love to receive the DVD! It is great to hear from you again. Feel free to forward the blog to anyone! We love you. Love — So Young and James

  8. I’m so happy to hear you’re out there again! Keep at it!

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