For By You I Can Run In The Night

From So Young:

The best runs are the really hard ones, where you just want to stop.  Your arms are pumping; the legs want to give out from under you.  It’s challenging. It’s sweaty, exhausting! I love it! Makes me feel alive. When it gets really difficult, I often find myself worshipful. I’ll start praying, and then just the right song comes up on my iPod.

This happened just yesterday, during my long run. I was running home after a 6 miler when Run In The Night from the latest Jars of Clay album came up. In no time, I was reduced to soft sobs and tears, as the lyrics pierced my heart with their meaning, especially as it feels like I’m sometimes running in the night.  What’s just around the corner? What’s up ahead in a mile or two? Who knows? Only the Lord knows and that makes me feel safe and secure.

Run In The Night  (Psalm 27)
by Jars of Clay

I know who I am
Once I was nameless, alone and You found me
You formed my knees to bend
You called me beloved
I am perfection

All my failures won’t condemn me
Or leave me paralyzed and bound
And when I’m at my worst
Your love, it finds me first
By You I can run in the night
For by You I can run in the night

For I am such a man
Seized by the power of a great affection
No matter where I am
Peace spreads below me in every direction


10 Responses

  1. May I share this with them? They’re longtime friends, and I’ll be seeing them Friday night after their show. This would mean so much to them.

    I cannot believe you are running six miles already. UNSPEAKABLY AWESOME! You’re one tough lady.

  2. Hey, Firecat!

    I told Ruby and she said you can definitely share it with them. She said that their music has provided many hours of worship for her, leading her to God. That’s really sweet of you.

    Also, she said she is amazed that she can run six miles, too! She said she has legs of lead right now, but not ’cause their strong. It’s ’cause they’re heavy, she says.

    By the way, it’s great to hear from you! There is also a song called “The Shelter,” and it’s a theme song for us during this time, because of people like you, like our neighbors and people at our kids’ school, our family, our church, my workplace…


  3. I am encouraged by your post and James’s reply. We join you in focusing on the goal, claiming God’s promises.


  4. We will live, James and Ruby. We will live. I’ve developed a new love for this song because of this post.


  5. A message, minutes ago, from Charlie Lowell, the Jars of Clay keyboard player, before he heads onstage in St. Louis, or wherever they are tonight:

    Charlie Lowell6:52pm Apr 8th

    Oh that’s just stunning and crazy and beautiful and challenging. Thanks for sharing, and give her our love and prayers, please.

    • Firecat,

      We already corresponded on Twitter a bit, but I just wanted to say again how awesome it was that you passed this along. It really brought a smile to So Young’s face last night. She is right when she says there is a genuineness to your friendship that is beyond value.


      • They will be praying for you, as a band, before they go onstage every night now. I can’t wait to see you at Historic Half! I will not be running. I’m still not allowed. You can have all my extra running-juju. But I’ll be there at the finish. Probably crying my eyes out at how fearfully and wonderfully God made you. Ok, confession: I’m doing it right now, too.

      • So Young says you’re going to be standing for a long time cause she’s so slow! She says it’s hard to run carrying a big guy on your back. (Guess she means me!)

  6. Slow? PUHLEASE. I am the queen of slow.

  7. So Young,
    I too love running to praise music and for me anything that refers to our God is praise music. One of my most favorite spots during the Marine Corps Marathons I have ran is out at Haynes Point where the local Christian radio station is blasting its tunes. By that point the crowd support is almost nothing and it is just you and the steady breeze (from all directions it seems) and the music. It always comes at the most necessary moment. Thanks for sharing yourself with the rest of us so that we may all learn and grow.

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