A Dream

From James:

When So Young woke up this morning, she told me about her dream.

In the dream, she woke up from a night’s sleep and found that she could see perfectly. Her eyesight was restored. She ran out of the house and told everyone.

She went to see her friend Grace Oh and told her, “Grace! Your dream came true! I can see again!” (Grace recently dreamed that So Young could see again.) They screamed and embraced, jumped up and down.

She continued to tell everyone: friends and neighbors, people at church. She received a myriad of reactions, but overall everyone was amazed at the miracle.

So Young woke up early this morning, when it was still dark, and realized it hadn’t really happened. Her eyesight hadn’t changed. She was afraid of when the daylight would come, and she would encounter her profound loss of vision again in its fullness.

The dream affected her greatly. She cried as she told me about it. I gave her theological reasons why we suffer: for our sanctification, because of the Fall, because of the flesh. Jesus suffered, too.

She wanted to know why her in particular? I tried to explain there was no reason except to glorify God. She said she was losing patience with God. When would it end? My explanations didn’t seem to work too well, so I prayed for her.

This afternoon, So Young slogged a 9-miler. It really took a lot out of her. “I feel like somebody beat me up,” she said, resting in bed afterwards. But then she said she realized something as she ran. She realized that God’s Spirit was telling her, as she plodded along, that without this suffering, this loss of sight, she wouldn’t see as much as she has seen of Him.


11 Responses

  1. One never knows, dreams have been known to come true. And Ruby, just remember, you are running 9 miles, and that is an accomplishment in anyone’s book, especially yours! Congrats.

  2. That is much further than I have run and way better dreams than I have been having. Here’s hoping!

  3. I agree with all of the above. Ruby, girl you rock…so proud of you…

  4. Thank you for continuing to uplift me with your encouragements. I have the best friends ever. It doesn’t get much better than this! I am truly blessed. God is GOOD!!! — So Young

  5. Remember how Audrey said that people who we don’t even know are praying for us? Well, we met two of them today — Ellen’s friends from Michigan. It was kind of surreal. They represent so many who are praying for us.


    • I think that your dream is encouragement from God. One day you will be completely healed. He loves you and is faithful to you.

      • I agree! Interesting also that Grace and SY had the same dream…

  6. Did you know that a blind lady was the first female finisher at this weekends Flying Pig Marathon?

  7. So Young, Back at the beginning if the blog, you had said you had asked God to give you a better faith story. In the blog you did not mention if you had put any conditions on God as to how He should do this. Shortly after that, your tumor was found. I have always thought that this journey you are on was God’s way of giving you a better faith story. You, and James have been singing God’s praises and telling of how good He has been to you every step of the way, and of the love He has shown you through your family and church family. I have envied you having the faith to ask God for a better faith story regardless of the consequences. Reading the entry A Dream, I was reminded of how Job was able to keep faith with God during his many trials. As far as 20/20, there is no suc thing a coincidence, only minor miracles. My continured pray er for you is for healing, and for you and your family, the emotional and physical strength to sustain you on this journey. Good luck at the MCM Half.

  8. hey so young & james!

    checking in on your blog”sight” ; > again & AGAIN…soooooo BLESSED by your sharing & openness in this journey your family is walking through in Him & with HIM! also…was so blessed to witness shannon & lindsay’s baptism last sunday…how beautiful the godly legacy of the ladies in your life james! i know God will continue to show Himself faithful & true to the gage’s! keep runnung this marathon of yours…in every way!

    love to your family,
    hayong = )

    p.s. so young…9 miles…girl… you are AMAZING!!!!

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