Happy Mother’s Day!

From So Young:

Dear Mom,

I hope you feel loved and appreciated all the time, but especially on this day. I was overcome by emotion today, because every Mother’s Day and every special holiday reminds me that my mother is absent. I still miss Mom so very much. It’s been 11 years. I’m sure you miss your mom, too.

I am so thankful when I think of you. In you I have a loving mom and grandmother for our girls. Thank you for being here for us, especially in these recent hard times. Thank you for being at every dance recital, piano recital, and choral concert. You’ve been here for all of it, communicating to us that we matter to you. You have always treated me closer than a daughter-in-law. You are a true blessing to me everyday. I pray that God will repay you for your love, generosity, and kindness.

I love you, Mom.


One Response

  1. My sweet So Young,

    You are a blessing to our entire family. I am so grateful to God for you. I miss your mom, also. She is a great woman; now living with our God in the place He prepared just for her.

    I love the flowers and the tea you and James gave me. You bring me joy.

    With our eyes on the goal of the upward call, we grow together in love. See you soon.

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