Half Marathon: Quick Update

From James:

I just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that So Young completed the half marathon yesterday and is fine. Many of you heard about the crisis that occurred, but I want to reassure you that she is alright. For those of you who haven’t heard, after the race, So Young passed out briefly and was taken to the hospital by ambulance as a precaution. They ran a battery of tests (blood, lungs, heart, brain, etc.) and determined that it was most likely dehydration or exhaustion and not a result of her tumor or anything serious. We are notifying Johns Hopkins of what occurred so they can evaluate the situation as well.

The incident was announced at church and many people were praying for her. Thank you for your prayers!

I am working on a longer blog post about the race, but for now I wanted to write this quick post so nobody will worry.

Regardless, she made it! It was an imperfect end to what was otherwise a great weekend and a great race. More to follow…



6 Responses

  1. Praise God! I was very concerned. So I prayed, and then asked my friends to pray. I am so happy that you and So Young accomplished your goal.

  2. Praise God!!! Thanks for the update. It’s great to know that she is ok and that she succeeded! So Young, you are an amazing woman and such an inspiration! So happy for you!

  3. Wow, all was successful for you both.
    If I had of run that race I would have died at the end or even before the end. lol You might be pushing it just a little bit So Young, but you just keep it up. God gives you both the strength that no man can explain. If we could only sell it, we would be better off, but you to PROVE it….

  4. The ambulance ride was just so they could check your courage,determination,faith and “just amazing” levels. Must have been pretty high. Good run by both of you.

  5. Just today a friend who doesn’t know you, but knows of you, asked me how the race went for you…I told her I hadn’t heard, but was anxious to find out…so glad everything is okay after that ending, but she and I both knew you would cross that finish line…congrats to you both LOVE YOU :o)

  6. thanks for posting the update james! PRAISE the LORD that she is okay…i saw sung jin & john kim & they said that you gave them an update & said all her vitals were good so i was so relieved to hear that after we got such a scare at the end of service…your dad let JP know & Jp let the church know & we ALL prayed! God is GOOD! CONGRATS for finishing…i just knew you both would!!! : D soooooo awesome! rest up this week & enjoy the accomplishment!

    love to the gage’s,
    hayong = )

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