Put a Fork in Me! I’m Done!

From So Young:

On Sunday, I carried each of you in my heart remembering every kindness, each prayer and word of support, loving my family with meals, etc.  It energized me to have my beloved James running this race with me. I was strengthened to know my friends were running the race with us. What an encouragement to be cheered on by Sungjin, one of my dearest sisters in Christ. 

So Young and Sungjin

I felt surprisingly strong until the last few miles. My aches and pains didn’t make it easy. Those hills made it difficult, too. But I do love those hills. My slowest of six half marathons, but it will certainly be my most memorable.


6 Responses

  1. The exhaustion in your tone is palpable.
    I gotta say it though, wiseacre that I am:
    The original marathoner croaked @ the end of his marathon, having delivered his message.

    Now, passing out is one thing, but….?

    Surely your message is more complex, positive + needs tending every day.

    “For we carry this treasure in earthen vessels (jars of clay, if you like), that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God + not from ourselves.

    We are afflicted in every way…. But not crushed.
    Perplexed…. But not despairing.

    2 Cor 4:7,8

    Have you considered just smearing butter on all your food until your taste buds are less irate?

    Love you much,

    • Ellen, you made me lauigh! Many thanks. You are loved also.

  2. Your finish line video on Comcast is priceless. Good way to finish and it kinda looks like you guys are bouncing along to the background music…..”Sweet Home Alabama” I think.

  3. Is the a web address for the video of their finish, please?

  4. I loved the video!!!! i loved how you guys held hands & raised them! that was awesome! the picture of you & sung jin is BEAUTIFUL!!! so, sooooooo proud of you so young!!! you truly are an amazing, beautiful woman of GOD!!!

    still cheering for you,
    hayong = )

  5. God continues to pour out His love for you and yes So Young you are VERY popular! So proud of you and always thinking and praying for you and your family.

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