24-hour Date!!! Happy Anniversary to Us

From James:

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary! I truly believe that So Young is a gift from God to me. I’m not so narcissistic to think that God created her exclusively to be my wife or anything, of course, but I see how He brought us together. We have been through a lot — not all of it good — and have grown up quite a bit since we met in college. All the while, there has been this underlying sense that we are right for each other, best friends, “soul mates,” (corny, right?) whatever you want to call it. We just fit together. So grateful for you, So Young! 

We had a great weekend celebrating, once again with much help from family and friends. Mom and Dad watched the kids all day on Saturday, starting in the morning, while So Young and I went to a very nice French restaurant, L’Auberge Chez Francois, a meal that Mom and Dad in fact very generously paid for.

So Young Eating at L'Auberge

The View from My Side of the Table at L’Auberge (Ooo La La)

James Eating at L'Auberge

The View from So Young’s Side of the Table (Zut Alors!)

Couple Shot at L'Auberge

Why Does My Right Arm Appear To Be Extended in Every Couple Shot?

Garden at L'Auberge

L’Auberge Has a Beautiful Garden

Around dinnertime, our good friends and neighbors of many years, Laurie and Bill, had the girls over for a sleepover at their house with their girls, “tag teaming” kid duties with Mom and Dad. We couldn’t have picked better people than my parents and Bill and Laurie to take care of our kids on that day. “Care for” is the right phrase. They all really love our kids. This is just one example among innumerable ways they have been a blessing to us over the years.

On Sunday, the Maryland ladies’ small group brought So Young a gift and card they had very thoughtfully prepared. So Young was encouraged by this, especially on Monday as her vision was worse than usual (it varies), and she was feeling down. We are continually reminded of God’s goodness through our family at Ambassador Bible Church.


12 Responses

  1. Happy Happy Anniversary. So glad the two of you were able to celebrate with a special time out. You really are blessed with a great family and friends. Lots of love.

  2. Happy happy happy! May the next fourteen be even more spectacular!

    • Thanks Firecat! I’m hoping for spectacular but maybe less dramatic? 😀

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY so young & james! GOD is goooood! what a special one this is…i’m sure! so blessed to hear of how your parents & friends continue to pour out their care & love to you guys & how appreciative you both are of them! thank you for the updates… so glad to have them…i’m missing you guys! and also glad to hear the updates on her appts!
    love to the gage’s,
    hayong = )

    • Thank you, Hayong! We are indeed blessed by so many friends — like you!

  4. Ruby and James, it’s so good to hear that you had this wonderful weekend together, people(friends, family) are wonderful to great people, and that’s what you guys are. Happy anniversary and many, many more to come.

    • Thank you, Charlotte! Also, thanks for tweeting your congratulations on Saturday… Although now I do question why I was tweeting during a romantic date! Luckily I didn’t get in trouble.

      Are you doing the MCM this year, BTW? We didn’t make the deadline but are thinking about the 10k instead, just to see people and “spectate.”


  5. We rejoice with you. Thanks for the pictures.

    • Hi, Mom! Thank you. Also, thank you for the dinners this week. I didn’t get a chance to call you. You and Dad are such a blessing to us — a model of what parents should be like.



  6. Hi Dear Ones.
    Congratulations & many , many happy returns of the day.
    Here are a couple of “bon mots” from my mental storehouse (you will have to judge for yourselves the quality)
    1. The Pennsylvania Deutch have a saying that I have taken to heart: CHOOSE YOUR LOVE. LOVE YOUR CHOICE. Amen to that…

    2. Some naughty French poet observed: “If it were not for marriage, men & women would have to fight with strangers…” Also true…


    • Ellen,

      I had to laugh out loud about the French poet’s quote! Thanks for brightening our day.


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