A Prayer

From So Young:

Life is hard, but God is good all of the time! Still praying for healing. I come before him every day knowing that what I need is found in him alone. My healing comes from his hand and the healing word spoken over me…

God, I wait patiently with great expectation of what You will do for me. It is not too hard for You to shrink this brain tumor gone and restore my vision. I look to You with the faith You’ve given me, looking forward to boasting the rest of my life of what You have done and continue to offer me.

I have asked You, “I know your love for me Jesus, but how can I show You that I love You, too?” His still gentle voice replies, “Trust me.” So I continue to live day by day, trusting and hoping and thankful that You are increasing my faith through this struggle. “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).

So with the faith You’ve bestowed on me from the start-line of this journey, my life, I look for signs of your presence and truth. I look to You, my Healer, my Hope, my Everything.

I come to You in the mighty name of Jesus. Just say the Word, and I will be healed.

Yes life is hard, but You are good ALL of the time!


8 Responses

  1. Amen, sister! Your humble faith is a great testament to all Christians. We all have struggles, some more profound than others, and many of us forget too quickly who our source of strength and happiness really is. I thank you for your witness…it inspires me in my life and walk with our Lord.

  2. Amen! Your faith encourages us, your family. We continue to pray for you, giving thanks for the blessing of a Godly daughter. We love you.

    • I love you, too! Thank you for being here when I needed someone the most. You are a blessing to me and a great example to follow.


      So Young

  3. wow, I really needed to read this, right at this moment. Our loving God has used you to encourage me once again. I love you, So Young! let’s talk soon…

  4. Hi So Young.
    I am supposing the heat might be getting you down since you can’t get much of a “runner’s high” when it is triple digits outside.
    Here is what I have gleaned from walking the path with my friends, especially when dealing with chronic illness, living every day openly & abjectly before God, treading down the enemy, having a very low threshold for crying out to God, as JP covered in his excellent sermon last week from Luke 18. Having a bunch of cells in rebellion within one’s body: attacking & destroying normally functioning ones as in auto-immune disease, a fortress within a key area growing & endangering your life as with your tumor, or cells that are withering & failing such as in kidney failure & Parkinson’s, chronic emotional conditions, too, even chronic family stiuations, I suppose that we feel so powerless to keep from detonating…. we all start by asking God to remove the “thorn in the flesh”, seeing it as “not us”, “not part of us”. But if He does not do that, then in sadness & grief, it is a learned skill to turn back to the Healer above all healers & say “Pardon me, I could use some help here….” I have said it in sarcasm @ times, but mostly as a child who knows that Dad can fix anything. I remember that Corrie ten Boom described her sister Betsy’s acceptance & amazing ministry to concentration camp women, converting even Corrie’s angry heart before Betsy laid down her own life there herself. How Betsy explained her ability to handle theduress to Corrie was: “Remember how Papa would only give us our train ticket right before it was time to board the train?”

    So Young, you have rebellious cells dwelling within your midsts. But it may be like the “wheat & tares” parable that Jesus told & He is asking you to “waiting until the harvest time”, not because it is hard to tell what is what, but because He is growing beautiful things right next to ugly things & the ugly things make the beautiful things more intensely beautiful, not just “seem” more beautiful to you, but “working an eternal weight of glory” as St. Paul put it.

    Intentionally strengthening your healthy parts, as you would equip your kids if they had to pass through a bunch of bullies every day on their way to the bus, is highly advisable. Listening to Bible reading, meditating on portions that stick to you, in everything giving thanks w/ prayer & supplication, doing at least one fun thing w/ someone else (yak on phone, play a game, watch episode on DVD together… so you laugh, do a “mitzvah” a kind thing everyday, get your exercise & stretching, eat right, LEARN to ask for what you really want…. you will be surprised…, when all is going straight to hell, pray the power of Christ’s redeeming sacrificial shed blood directly upon the situation… I know it sounds so gross & bizarre to unbelievers ( to them, I say: see “The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe”, C.S. Lewis classic & maybe you will get it…). Not to be undertaken disrespectfully or casually…

    Saying a prayer for you now….


    • Ellen,

      Your posts are a gift. God is using you to teach and inspire me. I am so grateful for what you have done for me, your generosity, even when you hardly knew me.

      I appreciate how you are so transparent and open to share the struggles you have had. What you write really inspires me. All this week God has brought to my attention some of the things you have said in this post — about the good parts and the bad parts, the “beautiful and ugly.” Sometimes it’s when things are going most bad with me that I feel most loved by God.

      My prayers and thoughts are with you, too!


      So Young

  5. So Young,

    You have such a beautiful heart, thank you for sharing that with us. When JP shared your letter during his message today, I was so moved. Your faith and trust in our God is so simple and pure like a little child. Your letter brought me back to what really matters in this temporary life-trusting God completely and growing deeper in our relationship with Him.

    You are such a testimony of Faith that is alive and active especially when life is TOUGH.
    You show me what it looks like to surrender our will and embrace God’s perfect will.

    I am so thankful for a sister in you, who gives me a glimpse of the eternal things in heaven.
    May God continue to fill your heart abundantly and meet all your needs with the richness through JESUS!

    Love you sister!


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