Kim and Mikael

From James:

We took a long weekend and stayed at Kim and Mikael’s place in Norfolk. Kim has been So Young’s best friend since sixth grade. Mikael had it right when he said they have the “same spirit.” There is something about the two of them that makes them more like close sisters than friends. They are known for their mutual goofiness and long phone conversations where they spend an hour just trying to get off the phone but aways having something else to say.

Kim has been there during the most difficult times. I remember her comforting So Young when she was having an unbelievable headache caused by intracranial pressure the day before the biopsy in November. So Young was in great pain and distraught. We were at the hotel in Baltimore. Kim called us from Norfolk and listened, shared scripture with So Young, and prayed for her. I don’t think I’ll forget yesterday, either, when they stood in the kitchen alone, just the two of them, holding hands and praying for each other before we left for home.  Who can measure the value of such a deep, spiritual connection with another human being? Can you imagine having that with a friend, or even your spouse? What a gift.

Another gift was waiting for us when we arrived back in Northern Virginia. Dad and Mike had finished the fence in the backyard after several Saturdays and many hours of hard labor. The thing is so solid and well-engineered that it will likely outlast our townhouse.

In other news, we have a date for the next MRI: July 25. We wait in hopeful anticipation.

So many are praying for So Young. Please continue to do so. But there are many other needs that we know of, more so it would seem that we are aware of now that we are going through this crisis. One family you can pray for is that of Chris Johnson, a South Carolina music ministry leader whose small daughter Naomi drowned but has miraculously survived and is recovering very well: I recommend reading his blog, which is a real testament of faith during great trials.

OK. Enough of the heavy stuff. Some pictures from our trip…

Audrey  Catching Waves

Audrey Boogie Boarding — A Lot Braver and More Capable than Expected of a Typical 6-year-old

Group Shot

At the Sanctus Real/Toby Mac Concert at Busch Gardens, an Amazing Show


The Girls at Colonial Williamsburg, Where We Occasionally Visit to Eat Caramel Apples under the Guise of Reveling in Our Nation’s History


One Response

  1. I just love the description of Kim and So Young’s friendship. A life long friend is a gift from God. Kim and Mikael are indeed such friends.

    By the way, women never out grow the hesitancy of leaving their much loved friends, even when getting off the phone.

    You and they are setting such a good example for the children.

    I had a similar experience that greatly affected me. I remember seeing Grace on her knees beside So Young’s bed last November. God listens to the humble prayers of His people. What wonderful gifts God has given So Young in so many loving friends.

    I love the pictures.

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