Five Months After Treatment

From James:

We are one month away from that “magical” six-month point after radiation, the time at which Johns Hopkins said that the work of radiation will be finished. (Radiation actually ended on February 2, but its effect lasts longer.) Dr. Redmond has been very clear that this might stop tumor growth rather than shrinking it, saying “we would be perfectly happy” with that outcome. We are also 25 days away from the next MRI, which So Young and I are eagerly anticipating, because it might provide more insight regarding the recent lit up MRI.

A new sort of normal life continues for us. So Young is on a mission to keep the kids active this summer, walking or riding bikes with the kids when she would have previously driven. Mom and I are driving the kids when necessary.

The kids are now planning to do a “triathlon” with So Young by the end of the summer, which will entail biking to the pool, swimming a few laps, and then running around the pond several times. (And then I guess they’ll have to ride their bikes home!)  So Young has been a good influence on all of us.

Here’s one of the triathletes now…

Audrey Biking

Audrey Riding with Her Backpack Named “Fat Cat”


4 Responses

  1. Dear So Young and James,

    Did you know that Kiyoun, our daughter and So Young’s cousin’s daughter(who is 7 years old)’s name is also Audrey? She is our first grand daughter, so she has a special place in our hearts. Looking at your Audrey, we somehow feel closer as well. It is such a blessing that you started this blog, as I have mentioned before. Between praying for you and reading this blog, we feel so close to you. Thank you God for giving us this opportunity.

    With love, Grace

    • Aunt Grace,

      We’ll have to figure out a way to have the two Audreys play together someday! We feel closer to you as well through this situation. We have always known that you are a great woman of prayer, so we are grateful that you are praying for us. So Young is very encouraged by your notes on the blog as well. She visits it all the time and zooms way in, looking for new comments from friends and relatives every day.


      So Young and James

  2. I love the picture of Audrey! The girls seemed very happy yesterday. Kittens!

    With much prayer,

    • Hi, Mom!

      Yes, the girls are brimming with anticipation for sure. It’s funny how many spontaneous artistic creations they came up with in anticipation of the kittens. Can’t wait to meet them.

      Thanks so much for the marathon grandparenting on Sunday!

      We love you.


      So Young and James

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