Happy Birthday, So Young and Mom!

From James:

Happy birthday to my two favorite ladies in the world! (For those of you who don’t know, my mom and So Young share the same birthday.)

I hope you enjoy your day. You deserve much honor today and every day.

So Young, you are a gift from God to me, the girls, and so many others. When I read this passage recently, it really resonated with me and how grateful I am for you: “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD” (Proverbs 18:22). You surpass them all. Also, the amazing thing about you is that, no matter how many years go by, you still seem so young! (That joke just never gets old…)

Mom, I “arise and call you blessed.” You continue to be an unsurpassed blessing to all of us. The way you live your life — in service, love, and self-sacrifice, without complaint, just striving to follow Christ — is so worthy of our God. Every day you show so much love for us in so many ways.



So Young and the Girls on SY's B-day

So Young and the Girls after She Opened Her Presents on Her Birthday


I hope everybody will join me in praying for our friend Pannie’s mom, who is very, very ill with stomach cancer. She hasn’t eaten in two days and is sleeping constantly. Things seem dire, but we know God can do all things. So Young and I have been heavy-hearted this week with all of the needs we see around us, but we’re praying for many people and lifting them up to God.

At least 30 people have signed up to pray and/or fast for So Young this week as we await a follow-up MRI on Monday. This is an amazing blessing to us. So Young says that she feels a lot of peace, even more so because of the prayers being lifted up for her.


10 Responses

  1. Thank you, my son, James. I had a great time with So Young, yesterday. Dad noticed that my hair is different!


  2. Happy Birthday! Much love from the Guerrero’s. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, So Young!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish you a healthy and happy year ahead, with improving eyesight and everything else you wish for.

  4. Wishing you many blessings on your birthday dear friend. Thinking of you.
    P.S. Happy Birthday to mother of James as well :o)

  5. Happy Happy Birthday, So Young :)!! Happy Happy Birthday, Doris :)! Hope you both had a wonderful day! My mom happens to share the same birthday :). I’ll always remember 7/20 as a very special day!

  6. Happiest Birthday, BPG! Many, many happy returns of the day. I look forward to seeing you running the streets of MCM again, and someday with James and your daughters.

  7. Happy birthday, lovely ladies! What a blessing to be each other’s birthday buddy!

  8. So Young just loved seeing the replies pour in all day yesterday! Thanks for helping make her birthday special!

  9. Oh, I think I’m a day late! Hope you’ve had a great birthday, So Young!

  10. Happy belated birthday, dear So Young!
    We are so so proud of you! We humans are so weak when it comes to trials, but I can see Holy Spirit in you is making you who you are, faithful, peaceful, and strong. We love you!
    Grace and Grant Kim

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