The Irregular Prophet

From James:

I present to you the inaugural issue of the Irregular Prophet. This newsletter is entirely the brainchild of our eldest, Shannon (12), and originally intended for “internal” publication only (that is, only among the five of us). It’s just so good, however, that I asked to publish it more broadly. She graciously agreed. Shannon is the Editor-in-Chief and all photographs are by Lindsay, but all of us contributed, as you’ll see. So without further ado…

The Irregular Prophet (Inaugural Issue):

PDF Format

Word Format


10 Responses

  1. So Young,
    I wonder if GOd has closed your eyes so that you would beg to have them open again. It is funny but your vision loss has made many people see the glory that is out there for many to see and hear. You have been the continual theme in the songs I am finding tonight. Thanks for being an inspiration and tool for the better. Know that this morning (night to me) you have been prayed for and thought about in my momentary quiet time.


    • Thank you, Jimmy. This blessed me this day.

  2. There is some controversy behind this song as one of the original singers of this song. The words are very true and I picture a fdefinated Gem singing this inpraise.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the shout out prayer request for Naomi! Your paper is indeed very creative, and I enjoyed reading. Naomi is coming home from the hospital today, and did great. Everything is working like it’s supposed to and she is eating solid foods by mouth again! Thanks for teaching your kids what it means to stand in the gap to build and maintain the Kingdom, and also for giving them the values that will reach a world that needs Christ!
    Much love, Chris

  4. Great job on the newspaper!

  5. Wow…I love it…you are all so full of fun. I will keep your newsletter and have placed it in my inspirational file folder on my computer. Looking foward to the next one. Love ya a bunch…and thank you always for being so uplifting :o)

  6. This is so creative. Way to Gage family!

  7. Thanks everyone! The newsletter was fun to make. Shannon is busy pushing us to create another one — and soon!

    Chris, so glad to continue reading about the miracle God is doing through Naomi.

    Jimmy, thank you for sharing the beautiful music.

  8. hey gage’s!!!

    i am just enjoying catching up on your blog as my girls take a bath! ; > i am always so blesses & encouraged when i read the blog! so many great songs on godtube, etc. LOVE IT!!! and i just love, LOVE your family newspaper…how COOL is that & super creativity!!! WOW…very impressive the talent int he gage family!!!

    THANK YOU for being a blessing & continuing to share your journey, “marathon” w/ us!!!

    please don’t ever hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do…okay! : )

    love to the gage’s
    hayong for the morris bunch = )

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