A Good Report from the Optometrist

From James:

I have good news to report from the optometrist (Dr. Richard Jablonski) tonight to confirm what So Young thought about her vision. Her corrected vision has indeed improved. Uncorrected, it’s still atrocious (she can’t read anything at all on the eye chart, even the largest letter), but her right eye can be corrected to 20/100. This means that what others see at 100 feet, she can see at 20 feet with her contacts on. Her close-up eyesight can also be corrected using standard reading glasses, which we purchased (2.50 magnification).

So Young is leaning heavily on her right eye for her vision. The doctor said that her left eye is more like 20/400. She also can’t see the color red very well with that eye. Diminished sight in her left eye makes sense, because the tumor is in her right thalamus.

Before So Young started losing her vision, her eyesight was corrected to 20/20.

We also looked into bioptic lenses, which are sort of like binoculars attached to eyeglasses. They helped and, with training and certification, could possibly be used for driving. Much hilarity ensued as we watched So Young try on a couple of pairs that gave her cartoonishly large eyes. However, because her eyesight is trending toward improvement and the bioptic lenses cost close to $2,000, the doctor recommended waiting a while to see if it will even be necessary in a few months.

If her vision improves to 20/70, she would be able to do some daytime driving.

Overall, the doctor said that this was an encouraging checkup, because he has definitely seen improvement over time. So Young is ecstatic and is going around reading everything she can out loud. Thank God for the blessing of being able to see!


10 Responses

  1. Praise the Lord!!!

    God is Good All The Time….Thanks for the update and I am so happy for you! It is so good you can laugh and have fun with the JOY that God has filled your heart with even in times like these. You are an encouragement to all who read your blog by the reflection of your love and care for So Young..and for the faith you both share..

    Love and Prayers,

  2. That is great news! Praise God! Will have to keep praying.

  3. I am so excited to hear your good news! God is doing an amazing work in and through you. What an adventure!

  4. *WOOT* So awesome to hear!

  5. What a great news! Thank you God!

  6. woooo hoooooooooooo!

  7. What wonderful, wonderful news :)!! Praise and thanks be to God :)! This amazing journey of faith you are living out and sharing continues to inspire us. We will continue to pray.

  8. Thanks everyone for celebrating with us! The best words I’ve heard in a long time were from So Young this morning at church, way in the back, when she said, “I can see the words!” She could finally make out the words of the praise songs projected on the screen. Before, no matter how close we sat, she couldn’t see them. Now, she can “make them out,” meaning they are not completely clear, but she can read them. Using her new reading glasses, she also read the giant print Bible that Mom gave her. Wow.

  9. Wonderful news! She and the family must be estatic. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  10. Very happy for you. May god bless her so that she achieves all her targets.

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