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Keep Praying and Believing
December 19, 2011

From So Young:

It’s just one week before we celebrate Christ our Savior’s birth. I look forward to Christmas, but as I look forward I pause and I have to look back at a year like no other. It’s late now as I quietly look through some of your responses on my blog. I am overcome with tears as I remember how you all prayed for me, loving me with your faith and prayers.

When does a person have an opportunity for a whole army of people to pray for them, reminding me that the battle is the Lord’s? It is only because God has been fighting for me and knew this was going to happen that I’ve been able to overcome many things and that I’m able to see this miracle happening in me.

I am a blessed woman! Your prayers are the best gifts of all. Please keep praying and believing, because our God is for us. Because of him we lack nothing at all. I’ve said it many times: As long as I have breath and until my last one, I will say, “God is good all the time!”