Christmas Walk

From James:

We took a walk on Christmas. So Young was as happy during that walk as I have ever seen her. Here it is in pictures.

James and SY

Christmas Walk

Audrey by the Water

Shanny with Camera

Lindsay and Her Monkey

The Girls by the Water

James and So Young by Water

To our friends and family all over the world: Happy new year!

The newness of each year wears off in time, as does our enthusiasm to change, but God’s newness never does. “Behold I make all things new” (Rev. 21:5). So Young and I have seen God’s renewal again in again: in our hearts when He found us and every day since, when we first met, when we married, with each new baby, in our relationship with each other, and now as we pray for So Young’s healing and slowly — sometimes literally — see glimpses of light.

The next MRI is on 1/23. Throughout her story, that sequence of numbers (1-2-3) has been a reminder to So Young of new beginnings and that God is with her. We are hoping for more good news on that day and won’t be surprised when we get it.


11 Responses

  1. The pictures are fun to see. God is faithful. I’m so happy to see your joy!

    • He is indeed! We love you!


      So Young and James

  2. Happy New Year, everyone!

    You guys all look so gorgeous, So Young looks so healthy and beautiful!
    Every time I hear from you, the news charges me up spiritually! Thank you!
    January 23 is also Lunar New Year! What a great way, good news, to start a New Year! We will continuously pray for you.
    Grandma’s 1 year is coming up soon, and we were planning to visit there, but everyone seems reluctant because it is so cold there. So, I decided to have a gathering in memory of her here with her friends and visit there when the weather is warmer, say, in mid April? We hope to see you then and catch up things in between?

    Victory in Jesus
    Aunt Grace

    • Aunt Grace, you are such a wonderful encourager. I can’t imagine a more joyful year than the last, but because of your prayers and the continous prayers being lifted up by the faithful, I believe 2012 will be an extraordinary year. I am amazed and honored that God is using my story to inspire others to greater faith!

      I wish I could give you a big hug, but it sounds like we will have to wait a while longer to be graced by you, auntie Grace. Can’t wait to see you when you come to DC.

      Love, So Young

  3. Beautiful family. I cannot wait to live close by and enjoy good company from time to time.

    • Yo Jimmy. Always happy to hear from you. Hope things are well with you and your family.

      That would be very cool if you moved into the neighborhood. Imagine our marathoning marine friend serving all around the world,moving here to Woodbridge of all places! You will feel right at home. You will love the hills. Can’t wait! Welcome neighbor!

  4. We are looking in Woodbridge and Stafford both. What schools districts should we avoid? 1/5th of the family is already back stateside. Liz’s mom has to have a double by pass so she is back theree with her and might not make it back to Japan before we head out. Bee cool and I am hopeful for good news on 1-23!

    • Hey, Jimmy!

      James here. Hmmm… It has been so long since we looked for a house. We live in the Prince William County school district. I can say that our elementary and middle schools are great (at least, for our neighborhood). I don’t know much about the high schools yet. Maybe someone else reading this knows better? I know nothing about Stafford. We have some pretty plugged-in friends who may know more. I think it is less about the district than about the individual school. Everybody says Fairfax County schools are great, but I’m sure you can get some stinkers there, too!

      Our prayers are for Liz’s mom…


  5. Hi Guys,

    Your testimony is such a witness to the presense, the purpose and the personal caring of our God! When Bethany thinks of her friend Audrey and how her mom is sick she asks few questions …………….she prays. And her simple voice is being heard! Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! We miss you all and the neighborhood!

    We will continue to expect miracles!

    All our love, The Chace’s

    • Linda and family,

      So great to hear from you! (And so delayed a response from us… sorry!) We are grateful for the prayers of your entire family. To Audrey, Bethany is still her best friend. She misses her. We miss you guys for sure! We’re hoping for still more miraculous work tomorrow.


      The Gages


    So Young,

    Remember sharing this song with me shortly after learning of your situation. Thanks you for Shining God’s light daily!

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