How So Young Is Doing These Days

From James:

So Young is doing fine, thank you. From a health perspective, the news is good. She had an MRI on June 25 and, astoundingly, no corresponding blog post. Just a tweet. And a short one at that. Funny how these things become routine.

The MRI showed no new tumor growth and that nothing was “lit up” to indicate fast-growing cells, which is excellent. The other good news is that Dr. Redmond has altered our follow-up schedule so that So Young will have an MRI every four months instead of every three, which we take as a sign that they are less concerned about anything changing for the worse soon.

I also signed us up for a half marathon in October. I’m not sure at this point if she is actually going to run it, because she isn’t as enthused as when she first heard about it. We shall see. Still, her health is very good under the circumstances.

So Young’s spirits are high, and she is loving life.  She did request, however, that I ask people to continue praying for her. She fears that her situation will become mundane in people’s minds and that people will stop praying.

Finally, more on this later, but I have a feeling we have one of these in our future…

Raina the Puppy


13 Responses

  1. I will definitely continue praying for all of you!!!

  2. I will definitely continue to pray for all of you!!!
    Love, Aunt Grace

    • Hi Auntie Grace. Thank you for always loving us with your prayers! You are wonderful!

  3. Praise be to God! When others abandon us, His love endures forever! I continue to pray for you. I love you, my son. I love you, daughter of my heart.


  4. Oh so happy to hear some good news. I will continue to pray for you all and to tell everyone about what a witness you are to glorify our Lord. I am so glad things are at least less changing and staying stable. God has answered our prayers and I am sure he has more plans to heal her even more. Puppy Love is necessary in healing as well. After my sickness, I got myself a puppy and she brought me so much love and calmness that I got myself another one. lol I now have two and I know they are good for me…Good Luck..

    • Thank you, Robin, for your kind words and especially for your prayers.

  5. So glad to hear such positive news. Puppies/dogs truly can bring such happiness and contentment. Hope we can get together in the near future.

  6. Friends never become mundane. Our prayers are always with you! See you in October!!

    • Wow, Hi. Thank you for your comment. Yes I will see you in October. Thanks for praying!!!!

  7. I think and pray for you daily. I am encouraged by your strength…especially with your decision to care for a new baby…Reina 🙂 She is sweet.

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