How Chemo Is Going

From James:

No barfing. Lots of sleeping. Feeling drugged. Dizziness when she walks. Good appetite. Possible mild insomnia early in the morning, but otherwise sleeping, sleeping, sleeping — almost 24 hours per day. (She was sleeping about that much prior to chemo anyway, most likely because of the tumor.)

That is how So Young is doing after about two and a half days of chemo. She’ll take a dose tonight and tomorrow night, and then she’ll be done with this cycle. She’ll take 23 days off, and then she will start the second cycle.

She says funny things and has lost track of time. Yesterday, she asked whether it was Saturday or Sunday, and when I told her it was Sunday, she said, “How was Saturday?”

She is in bed all day and is determined to leave the house once a day, which I am wary about. We tried it on Saturday. I walked her down the stairs, out the door, and to the car. We made it to the Panera Bread parking lot, but she decided not to go in. Yesterday, we actually made it into Starbucks and sat there for a while. It’s good for her psychologically to get out, I think, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s a good idea.

She has a great appetite and craves bagels and coffee a lot for some reason. Many people from church have signed up to bring meals through November, which is pretty amazing.

It’s hard to observe whether her tumor-related symptoms are changing in either direction (good or bad) right now. She is still very unsteady on her feet and weak and uncoordinated in her right arm, and she complains of greatly diminished vision. Her talking doesn’t sound right. I say all of that, but of course I don’t expect immediate results after a couple of days. I do hope for a stop to the progression of the tumor very soon.


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  1. James, my fraternity brother Mike Spicely often commented that getting out of the house significantly uplifted his spirits during his battle with cancer. So I’d encourage you to get So Young out of the house as much as possible so that she can continue to “live” as she endures this journey. Anything that encourages her is a good thing. I pray that the Lord will give you all the strength that you need to continue to do the amazing job that you have done to support So Young. We will come to visit as soon as possible. Know that we love you all immeasurably.

  2. Thank you James for keeping us posted. I have been waiting to hear from you. It is a good thing that she did not lose her appetite. And praise God she did not have drastically difficult immediate side effects either. We arrive this Friday late afternoon at Dullas Airport and will give you a call to see your schedule, and get the direction to get to your home.

    Keep praying for all of you! Hang in there!

  3. Surely So Young is running the race of her life, with the Lord by her side to help her and guide her. Faith becomes difficult but must be the last thing to perish. We all run with her and pray that the outcome will be for the best and that the chemo does its work successfully.

  4. Thinking how tough it must be to watch it all happen. It sounds like she is not in pain and that is something to be grateful for. Let’s hope this chemo does what it’s supposed to do. Take care.

  5. Thank you James for keep eveyone updated. You are always on my mind and will continue to pray for you all.

  6. Despite the great difficulties, there is a lot of good in your post, James. There are lots of reasons to be encouraged. It is great that you and So Young were able to get out, and that So Young has a good appetite. I am happy that she conserves all her energy in sleep in order to expend it in her battle.

  7. I pray for you all, So Young, James, and the girls. God is with you.

  8. …when So Young is ready I’ll take her out for bagels and coffee.

    • She says she’s ready now! Thanks also for the beautiful card. She loves it!

      • Sent you an email :o)

  9. Thank you James for upadates.Thinking of you.give So Young hugs from me.I hope that chemo will be doing what is supposed to do.

  10. Panera french toast bagel with honey walnut cream cheese and coffee….yum!

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