Waiting to Be Made New

From James:

I looked at the calendar just now and can’t believe it has only been a few days since So Young finished the first round of chemo on Tuesday, October 2. Every day seems so long recently. The side effects So Young experienced the entire time were pretty much the same as I described in the previous post: extreme tiredness, feeling drugged, dizziness, etc. No hair loss. No nausea. There was a marked difference yesterday (three days after) from previous days in terms of the side effects being lessened, but I’m sure she’ll have good days and bad days. Now we wait until October 26 to begin the second cycle. We’ll meet with the oncologist the day before just to check So Young’s condition and make sure she is ready for the next round. The doc says her early bloodwork looks good.

So Young seems to be suffering less psychologically than she was before chemo started. I think it helps her to know that she is doing something about it. She is hard to read right now, which isn’t normally the case with her. We’re pretty close anyway, so I can generally gauge how she’s feeling. She has said that she’s tired of the great difficulty she has walking and her vision being even worse than before. I asked her a couple of days ago how she was doing psychologically. She seemed confused about what I was asking at first, but then she said, “I feel like I can’t wait to be made new again.”

I wish I could better articulate to you what it is like to be loved and cared for by so many people so clearly and tangibly during a situation like this. People have started bringing meals, which has made things a lot easier. It is my understanding that believers from all over the world are praying for So Young. My coworkers are rallying around us. Friends and family have come by to spend time with So Young from as far away as DC (bearing a baby), Newport News, and even Colorado. (Hi, Aunt Grace!) The visits elevate So Young’s spirits considerably. Mom and I have observed that she sleeps when we are around, but when others are around, she wakes up and brightens up. We’re not taking is personally!

We’re going to be getting things to help with So Young’s safety and mobility inside and out of the house: a wheelchair, a hospital bed, etc. These aren’t the kinds of things that a young woman is keen on having, but our perspective is that it’s for her good for now, until God makes her new, as we hold to the hope that He will do.


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  1. Nope. Don’t take it personally. She feels safe enough to sleep around you. She knows you’re there whether she’s awake or not. 🙂 Out for a run. For you, my sweet Ruby.

    • I’m glad you are running for her! Couldn’t think of a better champion to run in her place.

  2. Oh yes! We are holding onto that hope and praying for So Young. Anything you need, and James, your parents have said they will let us know when there is a need other than prayer, please send a text or email and we can help physically also. Love to all of you, Marilyn

    • Thanks so much! Prayer is definitely the most important thing. It’s in God’s hands.

  3. Be encouraged James! Kim enjoyed her visit with So Young. We will continue to pray for God’s provision and healing. And the entire family will visit in a few weeks. All the best! Mikael

    • Kim’s visit was one of the coolest things to happen to So Young of late. She had a blast.

  4. It was so wonderful to see all of you, especially getting to know Shannon, Lindsey, Audrey, Nathdaniel, and Jacob! They are so beautiful…Thank you all for playing piano so beautifully! And we want to thank you, James, your mother, and Somi for being so loving, caring, and patient for SoYoung! And SoYoung, we are so very much proud of you for enduring all this process of getting well again! We felt His presence at your home, and your love for one another is apparent! We enjoyed our time of visit. We will continue to pray for all of you..

    With lots of love, aunt Grace and Grant

    • Thank you, Aunt Grace! You coming by to visit and especially to pray was so important and encouraging to So Young. You are a great blessing to us! It was great to see you. So Young says you are clearly growing younger every year.


      So Young and James

  5. I will continue to hold So Young and all of you up in prayer! Our God is an awesome God…you probably know the song. Remember Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. You certainly love Him and have been called; what a tremendous witness you all are!

    • Prayer is the most important thing you can do. Thank you for the encouraging words!

      • A beautiful prayer that was shared with me in response to your story:

        O Lord, we struggle so as we watch the suffering of our loved ones and try to grapple with our own anquish. We beg for Your mercy, Your strength. Christ Jesus send us Your peace in which we can persevere and forge on through the difficult days ahead. May Your unfailing love gentle our helplessness. May the glory of Your saving grace kindle the flame of our hope and faith. By Your gracious will, may Your praises fall from our lips and ease the burdens our our hearts. Amen.

  6. I was praying for So Young to have a wonderful day today. I pray for her to have hope and to be encouraged as she walks one step at a time in faith. Love, Marilyn

  7. Important info on chemotherapy and nurtrion:


    I hope that it helps : )

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