Results of Today’s Tumor Board

From James:

The Johns Hopkins tumor board met today and discussed So Young’s case once again. They noted that, as Dr. Holdhoff told me today, “The difference between the June MRI and the most recent MRI is dramatic,” meaning that the post-radiation growth was significant. “The differences between the two most recent MRIs are subtle.” They didn’t see dramatic results that they might have hoped for.

The doctors also observed that there is a “bleed” in the tumor. (Dr. Holdhoff actually told us about this last Wednesday.) So Young is in no immediate danger from the bleed, but this is a complication that very directly  affects her treatment. First, she can’t take blood thinner anymore to combat blood clots. Second, she can’t take Avastin as originally envisioned, because it is known to cause blood clots. So we are continuing with chemo but not having treatment added to it.

Johns Hopkins will also be installing a “filter” in So Young either Wednesday or early next week to prevent future blood clots in lieu of the blood thinner. It’s an outpatient procedure, although somehow I suspect that So Young’s recovery won’t be instantaneous.

I asked Dr. Holdhoff what the objective of the continuing treatment is. The objective is not to cure the disease at this point. It is intended to slow what is seen as an inevitable progression, and because of the minimal side effects So Young has experienced, it is thought that the chemo is doing no harm.


7 Responses

  1. So sorry to hear that conclusion. I had hoped that you would hear better news. All my prayers are going to all of you. Also, happy birthday to your daughter. I wish you all strength.

  2. Not the news we were hoping for but God remains good, faithful, loving. He does hear the prayers and right now you are our only prayer. Peace and grace and mercy to you from God who hears your cries for healing.

  3. Thinking of you…

  4. I pray for So Young, you, and your family, James.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, James, SoYoung, Shannon, Lindsey, and Audrey!
    We continuously pray for all of you dailey and more for strength and cure. God works through you in midst of trials. Because of your story, I see people reorganize their priorities and try to amend broken relationship, and I hear of non-christians asking questions about God that opens up the conversation about God otherwise hard to start up. Thank you for your faithful writing about your faith, perseverance, and love for one another!

  6. Hi James and So Young. So much has changed since I saw you guys at April’s Christmas party a few years ago. It’s good to know your friends and ABC have been and continue to be amazing support for you guys. Every time I remember you, I will lift up a prayer for you, James and the children. God bless you.

    Scott Lee

  7. […] may recall from my November 19 post that So Young was to have a “filter” installed to prevent further blood clots. A series […]

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